Agricultural Technology Newspaper reports on the cooperation projects between China and the UK

From 2008 to 2016, It is the eighth anniversary of the establishment of the China and UK sustainable agricultural innovation cooperation network (SAIN), some of the results of the collaboration were reported in the Agricultural Technology Newspaper. SAIN was established in 2008 by the ministry of agriculture, the UK environment, food and rural affairs and the UK department for international development. It aims to provide a unified platform for the development and improvement of sustainable agricultural and food security in China and UK.

Over the past eight years, SAIN has carried out communication and exchanges between Chinese and British scientists, developed a high-level talent team together; They advanced the cooperation and technology transfer in the production and research industry, promoting the transformation of results into practice; Also, established a platform for scientific and technological innovation cooperation, provided platform support for project cooperation; And expanded the areas of cooperation and cultivated new partnerships.

During the eight years, joint efforts of the management committee, steering committee, secretariat and working group of the SAIN, they undertake key research projects, having obtained a number of research achievements that have high academic grade, important theoretical value and practical value, some of the results are in the spotlight, some achievements fill the academic gap in some areas, the research ability and academic level of the national union society are fully demonstrated. This is embodied in the following aspects.

First, improving nutrient management and reducing non-point source nitrogen pollution.These include nitrate pollution control and the technology research and demonstration of nitrogen efficient, research and application of the integrated management of soil nutrients in apple orchards, the study of wheat fertilization index and the promotion of formula fertilizer won the first prize in the promotion of agricultural technology in shaanxi province.

Second, the project of Chinese use of organic fertilizer appropriately.

Third, the research on the application of carbon technology and the application of biochar.

Fourth, the applicability of biochar in China and sub-saharan Africa: socio-economic and biophysical "adaptation".

Fifth, research on the potential of China's agricultural and water emission reduction.

Sixth, Chinese agriculture is built on the vulnerability and adaptability of climate change.

Seventh, strengthen the protection and utilization of cultivated plants to promote sustainable development and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Eighth, we should learn from the British circulation agriculture policy, technology and experience, and help the sustainable development of agriculture in our country.

Ninth, estimate China's future agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation.

Tenth, China and UK collaborate on low-carbon agriculture project.

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