NERC funded Research Associate Position in School of
Geographical and Earth Sciences

Job title: Knowledge Exchange Research Associate - China-UK CZO

The full job description can be found here: by entering this reference number to find the job: 014335

Role of the position: to make a leading contribution to the knowledge exchange (KE) activities within the NERC-funded Transmissive Critical Zone (CZ) consortium projects. To assist with design of effective knowledge exchange from the science in these projects, additional funding has been secured for a Knowledge Exchange specialist to support design and delivery across the programme. You will work directly with Prof Susan Waldron and Dr. Larissa Naylor of the University of Glasgow, and Dr David Oliver of the University of Stirling, who have extensive experience of delivering KE. You will also communicate with the core investigators to support the KE activities of the other four NERC CZ projects. These projects are in partnership with the Chinese government and involve field research in China to improve our understanding and management of fragile critical zone ecosystems across China. As the funding for this research has come from the Newton Fund (, a key requirement of these projects is to deliver ODA compliant research and exchange this knowledge with science policymakers and practitioners, including farmers, to help ensure that management benefits from new scientific understanding. This post-doctoral position will provide knowledge exchange oversight to all five projects and has two core aims: 1.     analyse current knowledge exchange approaches in China, their design and the purpose of this design and identify what represents success in their culture 2.     use this understanding to shape the planned KE across the CZ projects to be as well-suited for the Chinese context as possible and thus more likely to deliver effective KE outcomes from the projects.

This research assistant post will available on a part-time basis (60% FTE) over 19 months, ideally starting by November 2016. The postholder will need to be fluent in Mandarin as well as English and spend to several months per year in China during this project. Given the part-time nature of this position, it may be possible to hold this post alongside another part-time appointment.

The interviews will be held on either 26th or 29th of September 2016, with the post to start in the Autumn of 2017. There is also the possibility to join in the first Knowledge Exchange trip to China with members of the Glasgow-based project team between 17th – 27th of November 2016.

For further information please contract: Prof. Susan Waldron (PI):, Dr Larissa Naylor (Co-I): or Dr. David Oliver (Co-I):





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