The SAIN WG4 project get progresses

^Knowledge, policy and practice for sustainable nutrient management and water resources protection in UK and Chinese agro-ecosystems ̄ project is leaded by two professors, Laurence Smith and RenTianzhi. The target of the project is to develop the sustainable agriculture to reduce non-point resource pollution in UK and China based on the nutrient management, policies comparison and screening.

Late March, the researchers from SOAS, University of Lancaster and AEPI paid a visit to Xiangcheng and Yixing, Jiangsu province. During the visit, they visit the pilots, talk with the farmers and officers, and demonstrate the achievement.

March 26th, the SAIN WG4 hold a meeting in Suzhou. In the meeting, the researchers shown the achievement of the nutrient footprint and discussed the survey results of farmers¨ behaviors and attitude of fertilizer use and environmental protection. The British researchers also gave some suggestions on agricultural sustainable development in Suzhou.

After discussion, the SAIN WG4 will held the final workshop in the end of this year.



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