Agri-Tech in China Network+ held need assessment
workshop in Beijing

The Agri-Tech in China Network+ need assessment workshop was held on 28-29th April in China Agricultural University in Beijing. The purpose of the workshop was to bring together Chinese and UK researchers, policy makers, and companies in the agricultural sector, as well as farming communities to participate to discuss key challenges facing China¨s agricultural sector, and UK agri-tech capabilities and solutions to address these challenges. The themes discussed at the workshop included sustainable intensification, pest and disease management, climate smart agriculture, water management, and socio-economic impacts and reforms. The output of this workshop will form the basis of the Newton Agritech Network+ programmes and funding calls over the next 3 years.

The Agri-Tech in China Network+ is funded by Newton Fund and forms part of the Agri-Tech in China Programme implemented by STFC. The Network+ adds value to the Programme by facilitating knowledge sharing and the creation of new partnerships and will play a strategic role in ensuring that research is aligned with user needs.

The aims of the Network+ include:

1.To ensure that the Agri-Tech in China Newton projects and the associated institutes are networked with other activities, existing or planned (e.g. the RCUK Global Food Security programme, ESRC Nexus Network, Agri-Tech Catalyst, Satellite Applications Catapult)

2.To develop a multi-disciplinary community focused on addressing agri-tech development issues in China

3.To deliver scoping and proof of concept studies to test and de-risk ideas

The Agri-Tech in China Network+ works in partnership with SAIN.





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