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Estimates of future agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation in China

Problem trying to address (the issue)

      Reducing agricultural GHG emissions and increasing soil carbon sinks in China, whilst maintaining food security for its very large population

      Providing the evidence base, the policy advice and the decision support tools to allow policy implementation and knowledge exchange between scientists, policy makers and farmers


Contribution to SAIN’s strategic objectives (key outcomes)

      Contribution to global climate change mitigation

      Innovation in the areas of policy approaches by expanding the evidence base and capacity for better policy making, interdisciplinary research, communication and application of appropriate technologies, and provision of policy advice through provision of a decision support tool

      Joint research and the exchange of policy expertise and research findings between leading UK and Chinese individuals and institutions active in the field of GHG mitigation in agriculture and increase S&T research in support of new areas of policy formulation

      Translating policy and science into practice on the ground through policy briefings and decision support tool, and supporting farmers, farmers associations and agro-industrial enterprises in the adoption of sound agricultural practices



      Improved evidence base of soil carbon sinks and agricultural GHG emissions to aid policy decisions

      Decision support tool to help policy makers and farmers explore GHG mitigation options and identify the most efficient and cost effective practices in each region

      Collated database of results and economic assessments for use by other researchers and policy makers



University of Aberdeen, North Wyke Research, University of Aberystwyth and Scottish Agricultural College in the UK, and Nanjing Agricultural University, Zhejiang University, Shen Yang Agricultural University, Peking University, Chinese Agricultural University and Lanzhou University in China.



Prof Pete Smith, University of Aberdeen, pete.smith@abdn.ac.uk

Prof Pan Genxing, Nanjing Agricultural University, pangenxing@yahoo.com.cn


文本框: The project is funded by the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and by China’s Ministry of Agriculture. The project forms part of the China-UK Sustainable Agriculture Innovation Network – SAIN (see www.sainoline.org )


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