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The China-UK Sustainable Agriculture Innovation Network (SAIN) has been established to provide a coherent framework for the development and implementation of China-UK collaboration on environmentally sustainable agriculture. It will support the aims of the existing China-UK Sustainable Development Dialogue (SDD) and provide a flexible and largely self-sustaining platform for long-term China-UK collaboration in this area.

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SAIN Update Oct-Dec 2014
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SAIN Annual Report 2012
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The future of food and farming-Forsight Report
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SAIN joined Global Alliance of Climate Smart Agriculture as founding member
UK-China Sustainable Agriculture Innovation Network (SAIN) 2014 Summing-up Meeting of Chinese Side
The experts of AEPI attend the SAIN WG4 mid-term project workshop
The 4th International Conference on Carbon Sequestration and Climate Change Mitigation in Agriculture held at Yangling, China
SAIN Annual Report 2013
China’s crop diversity vital for global food security
Prof Dominic Moran is appointed as co-chair of SAIN working group on climate change mitigation and adaptation
Professor Tong Yanan from China secretariat office of SAIN was invited to attend the Expert Consultation on Strengthening FAO-Academia Partnerships
China Agri-food News Digest Apr 2014
UK Agriculture Brief Apr 2014
China Agri-food News Digest Mar 2014
UK Agriculture Brief Mar 2014
Food safety in China a mapping of problems,governance and research
UK Agriculture Brief Feb 2014
China Agri-food News Digest Feb 2014
Knowledge, policy and practice for sustainable nutrient management and water resources protection in UK and Chinese agro-ecosystems
Biochar: Social-Economic and Biophysical "Fit"
The future of food and farming-Forsight Report's implications for China
Developing a catchment management template to mitigate non-point source pollution in China
Conservation for enhanced utilization of crop wild relative diversity for sustainable development and climate change mitigation
ADMIT: Harmonising Adaptation and Mitigation for agriculture and water in China
Addressing vulnerabilities and building capacity for adaptation of agriculture to climate change in China
Estimates of future agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation in China
Manure Use in China (MUC)
Biochar: Social-Economic and Biophysical "Fit"
Improving Livelihoods on Shaanxi Farms by reducing non-point N Pollution through Improved Nutrient Management


Contact us:

Secretariat Offices(UK)
YueLai Lu, International Development, University of East Anglia Norwich, NR4 7TJ UK
Tel: +44(0)1603 593264
Fax: +44 (0)1603 591170
Email: y.lu@uea.ac.uk

Secretariat Offices(China)
Tong Yanan, College of Resource and Environment, Northwest Sci-Tech University of Agriculture and Forestry, 712100, Shaanxi, Yangling, P.R. of China.
Tel/Fax: 0086+29+87081213
Email: tongyanan@nwsuaf.edu.cn


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